Could you benefit from a better understanding of the fundamentals of organizational business objectives, the landscape in front of your executive team, and your role as a strategic partner and force multiplier? If so, join me for the 2023 Administrative Professionals Conference, where I will share the practical and theoretical concepts from MBA courses that are

The One Day MBA*

Join me at the 30th Annual Conference for Administrative Excellence! Employees hear mixed messages when it comes to their emotions and the workplace. Emotions exist for a reason. We just have to learn how to leverage emotions to navigate our workplaces. We want to make them work for us, not against us. During your time with me

Gain Emotional Clarity & Master Self-Regulation

Join me for this live virtual experience! There is no denying that the role of an Executive Assistant is critical to an executive’s success. Strategic thinking and effective problem-solving are essential skills that make an Executive Assistant a trusted partner and reliable advisor. With these skills, you can act as a force multiplier, enhancing the productivity

Strategic Thinking for Executive Assistants