2024 Workshop Announcement: Refine and elevate your decision-making skills with the “Elevating Your Decision-Making” workshop hosted by Starla West. In this immersive session, participants will explore the art and science of strategic decision-making and gain insights into the factors influencing choices and outcomes. Under Starla West’s expert guidance, attendees will engage in dynamic discussions and practical exercises designed to enhance critical thinking, mitigate cognitive biases, and optimize the decision-making process. Whether you’re a seasoned professional, an aspiring leader, or someone looking to improve personal decision-making, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to sharpen your analytical skills and make more informed and impactful choices. You’ll uncover your unique thinking style, learn to avoid common pitfalls, and champion collaborative team decision-making strategies. Secure your spot now and empower yourself to navigate the complexities of decision-making with confidence and clarity.

Elevate Your Decision-Making