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It is just what it sounds like… 

This type of coaching offers just-in-time support when you need to gain clarity and alignment as you continue on your path toward your goals.

If you have a pressing matter – something that has come up where additional direction and perspective would be beneficial, I’m available when you need me to serve as your strategic-thought partner and outside advisor. This time with me is self-directed as I will tailor our coaching conversations to the specific topics you want to address including any obstacles or challenges you’ve encountered or important decisions you are struggling to make.

  • Your coaching hours can be used however you like – in-person, via telephone, or virtually.
  • You will work with my assistant, Jenny Baker, to secure time on my calendar.
  • Hours purchased must be used within twelve months of purchase and you will receive a monthly tracking report so that you always know how much time you have ‘left in the bank.’
  • As we work through your unique opportunities and challenges, you will have full access to my coaching materials as we need them to help you navigate the decisions you need to make.
  • If you and I decide to use any of our online assessments, the associated fee will be billed to your credit card on file.
  • If there is work you ask of me that requires time outside of our one-on-one time, the time used to complete it will be deducted from your bank of hours and will appear on your Monthly Coaching Hours Report.
Packaged Hours

18-Hours, 12-Hours, 6-Hours, 1-Hour Single Session

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