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Bedside Success Journal


Matthew McConaughey is quoted as saying, “Keep the pen to paper when things are going well so that you can dissect success instead of just dissecting failure,” and I most certainly agree!

With success, you’re reminded of what you’re capable of accomplishing. It boosts your confidence and energizes your sense of pride, so you must stay connected with it.

An easy way to do this is to record your success daily, especially before falling asleep. Making these journal entries right before you drift asleep:

  1. puts you in a positive frame of mind and sets you up for a healthy night of sleep,
  2. ensures your successes get stored in your subconscious, and
  3. drives powerful learning, healing, and growth.

Your new Bedside Success Journal will help you do just that!

Via nightly journaling and monthly reflection, this journal will help you uncover the key behaviors and habits you have that lead to success, create joy and satisfaction, and make your life meaningful.

The first 30 pages show you how to use your new Bedside Success Journal for optimum impact, and after that, you have six months’ worth of nightly journal pages and monthly reflections.

Purchase your copy now and begin using your new Bedside Success Journal to transition you to sleep each night. And each morning, as you come to consciousness and mentally prepare for your day, use it to remind yourself of what you are capable of achieving!

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3-Ply Board Cover with Metal Wire-o Binding






Starla West International, LLC – A Woman-Owned Business

Date Published

First Edition January 25, 2022




Written, Designed & Edited by Starla West


Printed in the United States of America by Vervante – A Woman-Owned Business