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Establishing Your
Executive Presence
Breaking through to the authoritative place you need to be.
Simply defined... Executive Presence is the ability to positively influence the thoughts and behaviors of colleagues & clients so that their actions are in alignment with what you and your organization need  to achieve. Simply put... it's all about having influence & impact!

This is a content-rich presentation where I deconstruct the components of Executive Presence and explain how to develop, nurture, and leverage them to lead more effectively and advance professionally.
What is it and
where does it come from?
This is an information-packed presentation where attendees learn how to cultivate an authentic and more resilient level of confidence.

After attending, participants will be able to identify the true source of their authentic confidence and better manage their internal dialogue so a more relaxed level of confidence emanates from within.

As a result, they will project more credibility and command the respect of others – and all the while, feel much more comfortable in their own skin.
Mastering Your
Head Game
Transforming the Way You Think to Make Better Decisions and Work More Effectively
During this presentation, I show you how to dig deep below the surface to identify negative-thought processes (aka 'head trash') that are creating obstacles to your success. 

Attendees then learn how to update the core beliefs and habits currently creating their professional experiences so that they make better decisions and obtain superior results.
Improving Your
Emotional Regulation
Learning to more effectively manage your emotional responses in the workplace.
Successful leadership begins with a strong foundation of self-knowledge and emotional awareness.

During this presentation, I share how to cultivate a strong foundation of self-knowledge and how to use it to better inform your thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making so that you remain calm and in control – even in times of conflict and stress.

"When we first started working together, I thought you were going to provide me with a life-preserver. What I got, instead, was a jet ski!" Hillary C.
Enhancing Your
... and becoming more promotable.
During this presentation, I offer pragmatic advice on how you can establish, cultivate, and leverage business relationships to enhance your visibility, anchor your expertise in the minds of others, and better position yourself for career advancement.

I share practical tips that can be implemented immediately to increase the profitability of your networking efforts by helping you become more strategic with when, where, and with whom you network so that your professional network becomes a powerful tool for business growth and intelligence.
Connecting &
Establishing Trust
...with everyone!
Successful business professionals know how to adapt their communication style to instantly build rapport with others.

Not only should you know how to do this, it is critical that it becomes part of your natural behavior.

During this presentation, I show attendees how to identify the preferred communication styles of colleagues and clients and use it to quickly connect, strengthen rapport, and establish trust.
Professional Style & Delivery that Project Credibility
During this content-rich and interactive session, I discuss how thoughtfully crafted decisions regarding appearance and non-verbal communication can further enhance your professional presence.

Then, I show attendees how to become more strategic with these decisions to present a professional presence that exudes confidence, projects credibility, and anchors their professional brand in the minds of others...all the while staying true to who they are.


Our work with Starla focused on the improvement of our business relationships with some of our most important clients by helping them develop situational leadership skills. To help us, she made sure she fully understood the fundamentals of our business as well as our client's core values & primary objectives. Starla is a pleasure to work with. She is always professional and highly engaged, and exudes a positivity that translates to group settings both large and small.

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