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Decision Making Mind Map

Several clients have been faced with career-path altering/life-changing decisions so I created a mind map to help them make these pivotal decisions quickly and easily so that they can move on and take action without getting bogged down with analysis paralysis.

Guide: Five Methods for Team Decision Making

After observing several of my clients' teams struggle to make decisions, I noticed they weren't deciding HOW to decide and therefore, they weren't making it clear at the outset how the team's decision would be made. To assist them with this, I created a document called Five Methods for Team Decision Making.

Guide: Navigating the Expectations, Fears, and Trust of Others

To better manage your relationships, it is incredibly important that you know how to identify the expectations and fears of others and the best approach for building trust with them. An awareness and understanding of this critical information will better inform your decision making as to how you choose to communicate and interact.

Exercise & Worksheets: Enhancing Emotional Clarity and Self-Regulation

During the global pandemic caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I created these worksheets to help my clients explore their vulnerabilities to deepen their self-awareness. In doing so, I knew they would experience exponential growth and rise up even stronger than what they were prior to the global pandemic trying to take them down.

Exercise & Worksheets: Strengthening Your Resilience

Each year I host a 2½-day mid-year retreat for my Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum where our executive ladies...
  • recalibrate their annual personal & professional goals, and
  • tightened up their strategies & tactical plans for achieving them.
Fun activities and reflective exercises are always planned (You can check out the agenda for our 2020 mid-year retreat here.)

Given that 2020 will certainly be a year to remember, I designed an exercise to help our executive women strengthen their resilience by leveraging their real-life responses to the events of 2020.

I'm happy to share that exercise with you. Download it for free now.
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