The Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum

Are you in desperate need of candid conversations with accomplished businesswomen?

YOU are an accomplished business professional and with your success has come advancement.
Have you noticed, though, that as you advance professionally, fewer and fewer of your female peers can relate to the unique challenges you face as an accomplished professionalEven worse, fewer have made it to where you are and...where you ultimately aspire to be.
There's a reason they say it is lonely at the top and this is one of them...
​THIS is a REAL PROBLEM for one simple reason – to SUCCEED in your current role and experience continued success, it is critical – now more than ever – that you SURROUND YOURSELF with other businesswomen who are equipped to CHALLENGE YOU and STIMULATE YOUR THINKING in new and different ways.

 That's why I created the Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum!


An intimate forum that addresses the leadership, strategy & collaboration required to thrive in today's highly demanding business climate.


Behind closed-doors with businesswomen at your level, you'll engage in SUBSTANTIVE WOMAN-TO-WOMAN EXCHANGE DESIGNED TO CHALLENGE YOU ON A HIGHER LEVELconversations you know you need to have with women in similar roles that will equip you for the psychological and relational issues that come with being an accomplished business leader.

Facilitating a POWERFUL EXCHANGE OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE, these structured and candid conversations present you with a unique and rare opportunity to . . .

  • leverage the wisdom of other women to TACKLE YOUR goals & highest priorities and explore how to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES that lie in front of you
  • share your insights and experience so that, collectively, we GET SMARTER and MAKE BETTER DECISIONS
  • LEARN NEW APPROACHES and DEVELOP ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES for a higher level of performance
Once a month, with like-minded women, you'll provide and receive feedback & support while forging valuable new relationships with lifelong strategic confidants.


Working with Starla has revolutionized my very approach to life. What I’ve learned (and continue to learn) in coaching sessions with Starla as well as the Executive Women’s Peer Advisory Forum has changed the trajectory of every aspect of my life - my law practice, my personal life, the way I evaluate my successes and set goals for the future - for the better.


My participation in the Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum has strengthened my executive leadership skills. I now have a trusted group of authentic, high-achieving female advisers I can lean on for insight, advice, direction, and accountability. This incredible group of women challenge my thinking and stretch me beyond my comfort zones to help me become the leader I aspire to be.


The Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum is for you if you are a high achieving female professional who...
  • already performs at a high level and wants to breakthrough to her next level of excellence
  • knows she has incredible value to offer this world and wants more for herself - personally and professionally (seeking self-actualization)
  • is (or desires to be) independent and self-sustaining and wants to live and experience life with intentionality
  • believes that she is in control of her life - she calls the shots and no matter what decisions she makes and risks she takes, she will be fine
  • is ready to take on challenges that require stepping outside her comfort zone with the unwavering support of a professional tribe of women
  • is ready to powerfully enhance her influence, impact, and overall leadership effectiveness
  • believes that learning & growth are important and require an investment of time, energy, and money (and is willing to make that investment)
  • values connecting and interacting with women who engage in intellectually stimulating and forward-thinking conversation
  • is ready to join a cohort of professional women with whom she can connect deeply and engage in CANDID, ROBUST CONVERSATIONS in an atmosphere of UNWAVERING TRUST & CONFIDENTIALITY
  • is 'senior' enough to have scheduling autonomy so she can commit to the Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum, make it a top priority, consistently attend, and keep absences to a minimum



Strategy Sessions

Monthly 4-Hour Peer
Advisory Round Tables

At the beginning of each quarter, you'll be guided through a series of interactive exercises designed to accomplish the following:

We use our monthly forums to provide the tools, resources, and support you need to hold yourself accountable and accomplish your goals.

  • You'll clearly define your personal & professional VISION FOR YOUR FUTURE.
  • To drive closer to this vision, you'll identify 3-to-5 goals you want to work on and accomplish in the next 6-to-12 months.
  • For each goal, you'll mind map a strategy and identify the tools, resources, and support needed to execute on this strategy and overcome any challenges or obstacles you might encounter along the way.
  • Lastly, YOUR NEEDS DRIVE THE MONTHLY DISCUSSIONS. With the other participants, you'll discuss and agree upon topics that should be addressed throughout the year. 
  • 1
    WELLNESS CHECK: We begin with a quick check-in to learn how things are going both personally and professionally for you and the other members. 
  • 2
    ACCOUNTABILITY FOLLOW-UP: Each member reports on her previous month's Game Changing Commitment. Success is celebrated and various challenges are discussed and addressed.
  • 3
    INDIVIDUAL HOT SEATS: You will present a current challenge or opportunity for which you would like feedback and guidance. Then, the magic happens when we draw upon the wisdom of the group to engage in thought-provoking discussion that yields actionable strategies you can use to move forward.
  • 4
    TOPIC OF THE MONTH: When time allows ,I will share key content (tools, research, resources, methodologies, etc.) you can leverage and incorporate into your strategic and tactical plans for accomplishing your goals.
  • 5
    GAME CHANGER ACCOUNTABILITY COMMITMENT: You will identify at least one game-changing step that, when accomplished before the next forum, will have the most impact on your life and goals.
  • 6
    STATUS UPDATES AND SPECIAL REQUESTS: Time at the end is reserved to provide miscellaneous updates, issue individual challenges, share unique resources, and make special requests.


There is a need for women who have achieved career success to continue their professional growth in an environment of peers where the exchange of candor is fresh and reliable. In our forum, we are provided with a structure that holds us accountable for goal-setting and honoring our commitments. The sum experiences across the executive forum are deep and rich and span industries and geographies. We regard each other’s strengths and vulnerabilities in a way that is safe and non-threatening and over time has produced for each of us a professional, and also personal, evolution.



In addition to ALL THE ABOVE, when you join the Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum, you not only gain access to the wisdom of a powerful tribe of professional women, you also receive...

  • Resource Binder to store all the materials from our forum discussions and exercises
  • exclusive access to the private EWPAF Facebook Group
  • a Delicious Breakfast of your choice at every forum served by The Capital Grille
  • Plus, these Bonuses!
Yes, I said BONUSES! The bonuses included with this forum have a total value of $8,100! Yes, that's $8,100!

(Value $2,700)
Full Access to ALL my Coaching, Training & aSSESSMENT Materials!

(Value: $5,400)
Unlimited Just-in-Time Coaching with Me!
Throughout the year, you will likely have urgent questions, requests for feedback or guidance, and unique situations that require immediate attention. In these situations, you are encouraged to take advantage of the unlimited just-in-time email and telephone coaching with me that is included with this forum.

When you are a member of this forum, I'm YOUR coach - all year long - and you will always have unlimited coaching with me available to you! 
These bonuses have a Total Value of over $8,100 and they're all yours for free when you join the Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum!

This is about making a commitment to YOU and other top-performing female professionals for at least four hours, once a month.
This forum is limited to 10 seats and and only 2 spots remain. It is first come, first served.
This forum is held monthly at The Capital Grille downtown Indianapolis, IN.
"I'm not in the Indianapolis area, but I still want and need this growth experience. Are there any other options?"
Absolutely! I have a VIRTUAL Executive Women's Peer Advisory Forum kicking off AUGUST 2019. It will be limited to ten members, as well, so if you're interested, apply now to secure your seat!
"We'd like to host a monthly peer advisory forum internally for our organization's leaders. Is that something you would facilitate for us?"
Absolutely! I'd be delighted to. Click the button below to send me an email and we'll schedule some time to chat.

Your investment for a 12-month commitment to this unique growth experience is
only $4,740.
Two easy payment options are available..



Secure your spot with a deposit of $1,185 and divide the remainder of your payment into three equal payments of $1,185 to be processed via credit card on the first Monday of months 4, 7, and 10 of your 12-month membership.
NOTE: Several of our members dues are paid by their employers. You might be surprised at your company’s reimbursement policy for professional development. Ask your boss...give it try! If you'd like some best practices on how to make this request of your employer, note that in your application and I'd be delighted to share them with you. 

The EWPAF has been a catalyst for real change in my life with results that are undeniable. The group's guidance, perception, and accountability are instrumental in providing the focus and clarity to define what my intentions are, to set them, and move towards them. Working with the EWPAF has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself.


Don't miss out on this critical next step to surround yourself with a powerful tribe of women who will challenge you and push you beyond the amazing success you've already achieved!

They're ready? Are you?
Let's take this journey together!
To secure your seat and/or discuss whether this forum is right for you, click below to complete your application today!
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