Time to Take Your Executive Presence to the Next Level?

Do you want to...

  • Better Manage Your Relationships?
  • Influence & Lead Others More Effectively?
  • Improve Your Visibility & Better Communicate Your Value?
  • Strengthen Your Confidence & Bolster Your Courage?
  • Enjoy a More Satisfying & Meaningful Career?

All of this can happen when we work together to...

  • enhance your Emotional Intelligence 
  • cultivate your Authentic Professional Presence
  • fine-tune your Decision Making
Today’s leadership initiatives demand that you bring more to the table than just substance (education, experience, skills, work ethic, etc.). Sure, all of that is important. However, today's top-performing executives will tell you there's MORE TO IT THAN THAT.

To THRIVE in your increasingly competitive and highly-connected business environment, you must also be an expert at navigating the needs of people. You must have the ability to positively influence the thoughts and behaviors of others so their actions are in alignment with what you and your organization want to achieve.

It's all about being MORE INFLUENtial so that you can maximize your iMPACT!
That's why I purposely designed my Executive Coaching to help leaders like you enhance your interpersonal leadership effectiveness!


Combining soft skills with hard skills, you'll command control of your leadership efforts so that you make better decisions and obtain superior results.

I push far beyond the conventional standards of executive coaching to elicit long-lasting, sustainable behavioral change to help you...


Master Your Head Game

We'll dig deep below the surface to help you identify and update the core beliefs and habits currently creating your professional experiences. I will show you how to command control of your internal dialog so that a more relaxed and authentic level of confidence emanates from within.


Heighten Your Emotional Intelligence

Before you can effectively guide the activities of others, you must know how to effectively manage yourself. This coaching is designed to help you cultivate a strong foundation of self-knowledge and awareness and strategically use it to lead others and advance professionally.


Improve Your Situational Awareness & Adaptability

Laser-sharp decision-making and the ability to act under pressure are critical must-haves in today's professional environment. Your intuition and trust in yourself will dramatically improve your decision-making, timing & results when you learn to:

  • accurately read a situation to gain clarity and the vital information needed to manage it
  • manage your emotions to remain calm and in control in times of conflict or stress
  • identify the appropriate strategy for moving forward in a way that strengthens rapport and achieves your desired outcomes


Enhance Your Impact & Influence

As you become more engaged in sophisticated business leadership activities, the more you must deal with psychological and relational issues. I'll show you how to manage these issues effectively and constructively navigate through conflict.


Strengthen Your Communication Effectiveness

You'll learn how to connect, build rapport, and communicate in ways that command attention, establish trust, and evoke the response you desire.



the foundation for who you are at your core

  • Core Values
  • Belief System
  • Moral Compass


  1. 1
    deeply explore the foundation of your character 
  2. 2
    gain a stronger understanding and awareness of what drives you
  3. 3
    further define and clarify the foundation of your character
  4. 4
    develop unwavering self-acceptance of who you are at your core
  5. 5
    learn to own your true value and bring it forward in a powerful way


your heightened understanding of human behavior & mastery of expertly navigating it

  • 1
    Self-Awareness & Emotional Regulation
  • 2
    Empathy & Situational Awareness


  1. 1
    assess your current level of emotional intelligence
  2. 2
    deepen your knowledge and understanding of self & situational awareness
  3. 3
    enhance your emotional regulation and overall self-management
  4. 4
    learn to employ cognitive, emotional, and compassionate empathy to more effectively manage your relationships
  5. 5
    create foundational habits for sustained behavioral change via daily application and accountability


the way you 'show up' and interact with others

  • Mental & Physical Presence
  • Behavior & Communication Approach
  • Network Development Strategy


  1. 1
    be thoughtful, purposeful, and intentional with decision making
  2. 2
    craft an informed strategy built on a foundation of authenticity and laser-focused on your vision for your future
  3. 3
    execute with discipline and resilience
Based on my professional experience, a two-phase coaching approach is the most effective approach to ensure you absorb the coaching content and adopt new behaviors crucial to achieving your professional objectives. 


GAP Analysis & Action Planning

NOTE: This phase only applies when the coaching engagement is supported and paid for by an individual's organization. If you are using your own time and money to engage in this coaching, phase one is skipped and the fee associated with it is not required. We'll simply begin with the exploratory conversations described in phase 1 to complete a Professional Development Plan and then we'll immediately move into phase two.

This phase typically takes four to six weeks to complete (depending on the number of interviews and availability of interviewees) and includes the following steps (some steps could overlap):



We'll begin with an initial conversation to set the stage for the coaching engagement. We'll review past assessments, performance reviews, and any other internal documentation that may be relevant to the coaching process. We'll identify preliminary coaching goals as well as key stakeholders, direct reports, and peers who will be asked to share feedback (approximately six to ten).



  • Feedback Interviews
  • With You: You and I will meet to discuss the steps in the coaching process and (in more detail) your career, challenges, strengths, gaps, and aspirations to begin shaping possible development themes and action ideas.
  • With Your Leadership, Direct Reports, and Colleagues: I will interview the leadership to whom you report and others with whom you work so that I may gather additional perspectives about your strengths and opportunities for development and growth.
  • 360° Online Assessment
  • To obtain a more complete picture of how you are viewed throughout your organization, I will conduct a 360° Executive Presence/Leadership Assessment to receive feedback from managers, peers, and direct reports.



I will analyze the results of the above activities and condense the identified themes into a summary report. You and I will then review this report and, together, we'll draft a professional development action plan. It will be tailored to meet your professional needs and will encompass most – if not all – of the following:

  • leadership/management
  • communication
  • emotional intelligence
  • relationship management
  • influence & persuasion
  • conflict management
  • change management
  • networking strategies
  • personal branding
  • image management
  • work/life balance



You and I will then share this plan with your leadership to reach consensus and obtain everyone’s active support for implementing.


Active Coaching

Upon completion of phase one, phase two will begin and last for a duration of 6 to 12 months.

This phase includes:

COACHING SESSIONS (twice per month)

During this time, you receive one to two hours of coaching twice per month. You and I will have intense, one-on-one, content-rich discussions after which is a two-week period where you can put into practice your newly acquired knowledge and skills. Adhering to an every-other-week coaching schedule will keep our coaching conversations and action plans top-of-mind and moving forward.

  • Real World Application
  • Serving as your outside advisor and strategic thought-partner, I will provide a safe environment for testing ideas, practicing new behaviors, obtaining feedback, and helping to follow-through with accountability. As a result, your current real-world challenges and opportunities become tools for learning and growth.
  • Pre-Work/Homework
  • Each coaching session will include pre-work that may include any combination of online assessments, reading and/or planning. Each coaching session ends with an action plan that serves as homework for the following session.


On occasion, you may have an urgent question, a request for feedback, or a unique situation that needs an immediate response. In these situations, you are encouraged to take advantage of the unlimited on-demand email and telephone discussions included with this engagement.


To assist with the coaching process, when necessary and appropriate, I will observe you in one-on-one exchanges, small group meetings, and/or presentations.


If your Executive Coaching is paid for and supported by your employer, we will meet one-on-one with your manager and other stakeholders to provide progress updates, obtain feedback, and better understand any emerging organizational issues relevant to your development. I will also share common themes and/or reoccurring challenges observed during the coaching that, if appropriately addressed, present your organization with opportunities to ensure its leaders have an opportunity to do their best work and experience a meaningful and satisfying career.


Again, if your coaching is paid for and supported by your employer, you and I will meet with key stakeholders to review of the objectives of your Professional Development Plan, evaluate results achieved, and discuss next steps for continued success.

What's Included?
Unlimited On-Demand Coaching via Phone & Email

On occasion, you may have an urgent question, a request for feedback, or a unique situation that needs an immediate response. In these situations, you are encouraged to take advantage of the unlimited "It's urgent! We need to chat now." email and telephone discussions included with this engagement.

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Leadership Skills (360° Assessment & Review)
  • Talents & Strengths
  • Behavioral & Communication Style/Approach
  • Listening Style
Full Access To My Online Courses & Resources

During your executive coaching engagement, you will have full and unlimited access to all my online courses, exercises & resources via your starlawest.com account.

*Since this coaching is self-directed and customized, additional materials may be used in the event I feel they will enhance your professional development and coaching experience. Skills and talent assessments facilitated internally by your organization may be incorporated, as well.

This is your opportunity to experience what it would be like to have a coach!


"Starla embraces what it truly means to be a coach.  She recognizes her clients' full potential and intuitively knows when to listen, when to encourage and when to push. Starla has been an invaluable teacher and supporter to me and my teams as we have worked through difficult but necessary changes in business practices and communication dynamics. With Starla as the navigator, we've emerged better able to take advantage of business opportunities and achieve success."


Executive Coach

What You’ll Get During ​Our FREE Zero-Pressure Exploratory Consult

I can't wait to share the strategies & tools I've developed to help you move your career forward and self-author a life that is meaningful and satisfying. But first, we need to determine if we are a good fit. 

Signing up for this free 30-minute Exploratory Consult is your opportunity to speak directly with me to determine if we might work well together. It will allow you to experience first-hand how my coaching can be a positive addition to your life. There's no commitment - zero-pressure - to go any further than this first conversation. "I'm not interested," is an acceptable answer.

During this free 30-minutes consult...

  1. 1
    I will ask several questions to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and desired outcomes.
  2. 2
    You will have an opportunity to ask as many questions as you would like to learn more about me and my coaching approach. 
  3. 3
    We'll get acquainted, determine if we are a good match, and decide on next steps, if any.

Once you click BOOK NOW, you will receive an email confirming your desired date and time slot. I only accept five Exploratory Calls per month, so please make sure your schedule is clear once you secure your time on my calendar.

Does this list describe you? If so, this coaching is FOR YOU!
  • your career matters (you're highly committed to it and really good at it)
  • you already perform at a high level (you're excelling and ready to level up even more)
  • you want more for yourself  
  • you desire a professional life that is in much more alignment with who you are, the value you bring to the table, and the incredible potential you demonstrate
  • your personal life is equally important but sometimes gets sacrificed for professional endeavors - you want to exercise more self-care and place equal emphasis on both
  • you're ready to take on challenges that require stepping outside of a comfort zone with the unwavering support of a professional coach equipped to pull the best out of you
  • you believe learning & growth are essential and require an investment of time & money (and are willing to make that investment in yourself)
  • you want to live & experience life intentionally
  • you have a strong desire to be independentself-sustaining & always calling the shots in your life
  • you are mentally healthy & well-adjusted - not normally a 'mess' or a 'disaster'. . . you simply have challenges or obstacles you want to overcome and/or gap areas that need attention
  • you have scheduling autonomy so you can fully commit to the Executive Coaching experience
  • you are intelligent, well-educated and experienced
*Although many of my clients have traditional and in some cases highly-technical educations, I have lots of successful clients with Street MBAs - especially business owners, sales professionals and those in manufacturing and pharma where many of today’s leaders began in entry-level positions and then grew up’in their industries or organizations.

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

"When we first started working together, I thought you were going to provide me with a life-preserver. What I got, instead, was a jet ski!"

Benefiting from an executive coaching experience with Starla has been a career highlight for which I take great pride. Developing a heightened level of emotional intelligence and situational awareness built upon a better understanding of my values and natural tendencies has translated into immense personal and professional growth. Starla has truly helped me become a more effective communicator, leader and the very best version of myself.


I was being challenged by the leadership style of a specific personality on my non-profit board, for which I am a very passionate advocate. However, at the time, I was considering resigning because it had just become too difficult. Starla and I regularly strategized on how to address substantive issues with this person in a way that preserved my brand, but accurately conveyed my concerns. My time with Starla helped me to trust myself and confidently communicate my viewpoint in the face of difficult circumstances. Presumably, I was successful in doing so as my fellow board members later voted me into executive leadership of the organization.


After decades in the industry and leading various departments, Starla helped guide me in a role where I was to influence and lead without direct authority. She gave me the necessary tools, focused on the positive, and enhanced the appropriate competencies in order for me to be successful. It was obvious she understands corporate dynamics and is an outstanding career coach.


When I met Starla, I did not know I was looking for or needed her executive presence coaching. I was so moved by her presentation that I signed up with her right away. I thought I was confident before Starla, but became more confident as I worked with her and got rid of some head trash I did not even know I had. I would recommend Starla to any up and coming professional who wants to continue to polish their executive presence skills.


In the past two years, Starla has helped me change my life in ways I never dreamed possible. She helped me identify my goals and encouraged me to go after my dreams. Her coaching has truly been one of the most transformative events of my life. She asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She helps me focus and prioritize. I have been better able to look at situations in alternative ways, thus finding very meaningful solutions. I am a better person today because of the coaching I received from Starla.


My coaching with Starla helped me to step back and look at difficult situations in a different light.  Now, when confronted with a challenging situation, I immediately assess the behavioral profile of the person I'm working with to better respond in a way that gets the end result I am looking for. I've already resolved several difficult negotiations by evaluating the situation first before immediately responding.


Working with Starla has revolutionized my very approach to life. What I’ve learned (and continue to learn) in coaching sessions with Starla as well as the Executive Women’s Peer Advisory Forum has changed the trajectory of every aspect of my life - my law practice, my personal life, the way I evaluate my successes and set goals for the future - for the better.


Starla embraces what it truly means to be a coach.  She recognizes her clients' full potential and intuitively knows when to listen, when to encourage and when to push. Starla has been an invaluable teacher and supporter to me and my teams as we have worked through difficult but necessary changes in business practices and communication dynamics. With Starla as the navigator, we've emerged better able to take advantage of business opportunities and achieve success.


Starla changed my life. She is incredible at what she does. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. She helped me improve the way I value myself and to create a much larger vision for my long-term goals and success.

Are you ready to powerfully enhance your influence, impact & interpersonal leadership effectiveness?

This transformational and life-changing experience is just a click away. What Are You Waiting For?

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