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Mastering the Art of Subtle Influence: Unveiling the Power Dynamics of Communication

In this third installment of our exploration into irrational narratives and their impact on conflict resolution, we delve into the Villain Story, a counterpart to the Victim Story we explored earlier. These narratives intertwine to shape a dual standard of perception, one that amplifies innocence while simultaneously exaggerating guilt or stupidity. Continue reading to learn how to overcome this narrative and foster a more comprehensive understanding of complex situations.

How Irrational Stories Distort Challenging Situations (Part 3: The Villain Story)

Last week, I reached out to a client to find out how she and her team were navigating this pandemic.

As part of her response, she shared, “My team is all virtual still. I’ve been calling each of them every day to…

Connectedness: An Essential Component of Building & Sustaining Strong Team Relationships

If your beliefs ultimately become your destiny, then it is in your best interest to maintain full control of them. You are not obligated in any way to relinquish control of…

You Reserve the Right to Determine What Will and Will Not Influence Your Decision Making

The more accomplished you are, the more likely there will be bullies in your life trying to steal your success from you.

The most effective way to manage these bullies is to develop an unwavering level of mental toughness that can outlast any bully’s attempt to invalidate you emotionally.

Here’s my story…

A Powerful Life Lesson: Learn to Manage the Bullies in Your Life

A foundational principle upon which you can improve your communication skills is to remember that Psychological Egoism is always at play.

To dig into this principle, let’s begin with two questions…

Psychological Egoism is Always At Play

After graduating from college, I accepted a position in the Corporate Marketing department for a large regional bank. Soon after that, I was promoted to Marketing Officer.

During one of my reviews, Doug, the Director of Marketing, said something to the effect of, “Starla, the executive team values and appreciates the quality of your work as well as your work ethic. That said, you’re a little rough around the edges. You may not realize this, but…

A Powerful Life Lesson: Business is Built on Relationships

A Quick Story Our little Abbi Lou wasn’t feeling well a couple of weeks ago, so I took her to the vet. When Dr. Rice entered the room, she asked, “Same thing? Another UTI?””No, I don’t think so,” I replied. “Not this time. I think it is something else.” An Important Backstory To Explain Dr.

Behavioral Baselines and Deviations: Their Role in Emotional Intelligence