In this episode of “Help Me Think,” we delve into the heart of effective leadership and problem-solving. Join me as I guide you through the crucial process of identifying the root causes of collaboration challenges within leadership teams, ranging from interpersonal conflicts to broader organizational cultural dynamics. By honing your observation skills and delving into thoughtful questioning, you can better unveil the underlying complexities of collaboration hurdles. Moving beyond quick fixes and embracing a more comprehensive approach will give you a deeper understanding of the issues and set the stage for long-lasting, effective solutions. Don’t miss this practical, hands-on journey toward improving leadership and teamwork.

Breaking Silos: Uncovering Hidden Barriers to Team Collaboration

In this episode of “Help Me Think,” I dive deep into the world of team decision-making, offering valuable insights and practical strategies for success. Discover five distinct methods for team decision-making and acquire the expertise to discern when and how to wield each approach to perfection. Plus, seize the opportunity to access a complimentary quick reference guide, a practical companion designed to facilitate the seamless integration of these strategies into your team’s decision-making processes. Tune in now to elevate your leadership game and enrich your decision-making toolkit!

Team Decision-Making Demystified: Choosing the Right Method

In this episode, we explore the transformative, but not so new, concept of entrusting your calendar to a skilled assistant, turning it into a roadmap for optimizing work and life. Much like the challenging video game Tetris, where one must masterfully orchestrate falling blocks into a puzzle, busy executives often need the help of an expert who can expertly navigate the puzzle of their daily commitments, ensuring their highest priorities receive the attention they deserve. Our guest, Tiffany Nguyen, an expert in Strategic Calendar Management, has achieved remarkable results in liberating time for strategic thinking, streamlining meetings, and reducing decision fatigue for busy executives. Discover the magic of a well-managed calendar and the empowering freedom it brings in this enlightening journey into the ‘Tetris of Time.’

Reclaim Your Time: A Journey Into Strategic Calendar Management

In this episode of “Help Me Think,” I interview Tiffany Nguyen, the Executive Assistant to the CEO of RepeatMD, known for her expertise in strategic calendar management and productivity within the administrative professionals community. My encounter with Tiffany and her insights at the Enlighten 2023 conference led to this enlightening conversation. Tiffany’s strategic calendar management skills revealed their magic by liberating her CEO’s time, providing 10½ extra hours for strategic thinking and reducing recurring meetings from 39% of the week to 23%. This episode highlights the indispensable role of an Executive Assistant, emphasizing their critical partnership with executives, and it offers a valuable worksheet with five steps to help maximize an Executive Assistant’s potential while reclaiming precious time on one’s calendar.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Executive Assistant and Reclaiming Valuable Time on Your Calendar

I recently had an unexpected encounter with three persistent flies during a leisurely day by the infinity pool, and surprising leadership lessons emerged from observing these tiny creatures. They left me with lessons from knowing when to assist others, fostering resilience, and providing structure. Join me as I delve into these three transformative principles that might change how you approach challenges and growth.

Tiny Instructors, Big Lessons: How Three Flies Offered Insights into Effective Leadership

In this installment, we delve into a journey that took my husband and me to Costa Rica for a life-altering Ayahuasca Retreat.

If the term “Ayahuasca” raises eyebrows, fear not – we break it down in this episode for you. Join us as Ayahuasqueros Matt Mormello and Jeanae White share their invaluable expertise and unveil the world of Ayahuasca. Drawing from their extensive plant medicine experience since 2014, Matt and Jeanae bring authenticity to the table, having guided countless ceremonies and trained rigorously in Iquitos, Peru. Dive into a diverse array of topics as our discussion unfolds, and rest assured – an accompanying informational sheet in the show notes keeps everything organized for you.

This episode is your gateway to understanding Ayahuasca – its profound benefits, potential risks, and crucial considerations. Empower yourself to make an informed decision about whether this healing modality aligns with your intentions and needs.

What Is Ayahuasca and Is It Right For You?

In this episode of “Help Me Think,” Mary Beth Oaks, CEO and co-owner of Business Furniture + CO, and I discuss WHEN organizations should be asking employees to come into the office and HOW to create a work environment that creates a gravitational pull that makes them want to do so.

Building a Hybrid Work Oasis and Deciding When to Bring Employees into the Office

What are the five characteristics of exceptional decision-makers? This thought-provoking episode delves into the five crucial traits that pave the way for effective decision-making. In my years of coaching high-achieving executives, I have found that they all employ five key characteristics that make decision-making and leadership easier: humility, empathy, risk tolerance, patience, and self-assurance. How can you develop these traits? Tune in to discover how to train your brain to develop these essential skills.

Cracking the Code: The Five Characteristics of Exceptional Decision Makers

Decisions are one of any leader’s most important responsibilities. Yet, not enough time is dedicated to helping leaders develop a systematic process for doing so so that when they make decisions, they can make them quickly and efficiently while getting the desired outcomes.

What has led me to this conclusion is the observation of leaders consistently making the same mistakes that either make the decision-making process more difficult than it needs to be or lead to results that are less than desirable. In this episode of Help Me Think, I share these mistakes with you so you can avoid the pitfalls that lead to poor decision-making.

The Seven Most Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Making Decisions

In this episode of “Help Me Think,” I emphasize why top-performing executives must protect their optimal thinking times in their schedules, including when and how they do it.

This episode aims to help you identify your ideal mental state for productive thinking and provide insights into when and how to cultivate this state more frequently. I guide you to identify your best mental states for deep thinking and then share strategies to incorporate those into your routines for maximum productivity and efficiency.

The Secret Sauce of Top Executives: Exploring the Power of Optimal Thinking Times