The Founder of a biotech startup decided it was time to add a Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) to his leadership team. After sharing this decision with his Director of Science, Amy, she began thinking about which of her peers and mentors would be perfect for the role. (Yep. You read that correctly. She didn’t even

Kick Impostor Syndrome to the Curb with these Calibrated Questions

The following question was asked in a Human Resources Facebook Group:The following question was asked in a Human Resources Facebook Group: “I have a delicate issue I need some advice on handling. I have a wonderful, talented HR person that has trouble with subject/verb agreement, both verbally and in emails. She has a college degree,

Engaging in Delicate Conversations with Others

In Seth Godin’s blog post “Listening is difficult,” he notes that, “Hearing happens when we’re able to recognize a sound. Listening happens when we…

Learning to Change Your Mind with Confidence, Intelligence & Maturity

Have you heard about INDY MAVEN – a media outlet with an audience of highly engaged, badass women that is quickly becoming the go-to lifestyle hub to explore, eat, drink, and live well in Indianapolis?

Last week, Executive Editor, Abby Gardner, reached out and asked, “How do you find the right coach in an ever-growing field of coaches with varying levels of expertise?” Here’s what I shared with her…

Finding The Right Coach

In August of 2019 – in celebration of my ten-year entrepreneurial journey – I started this blog to share the key insights I’ve gained and strategies & tools I’ve developed to help business professionals like YOU move your career forward and self-author a life that is meaningful and satisfying.

Through these writings, I hope to…

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