To ensure a smooth decision-making process, use this quick reference guide to clarify, at the outset, how a team decision will be made.

Five Methods for Team Decision Making

If your beliefs ultimately become your destiny, then it is in your best interest to maintain full control of them. You are not obligated in any way to relinquish control of…

You Reserve the Right to Determine What Will and Will Not Influence Your Decision Making

When my clients are discontent and complaining about how life is playing out for them, there are five questions I typically ask to get them thinking about the things they need to be thinking about to be more thoughtful and intentional with how they choose to move forward. I share those questions in this short video.

Questions to Ask When Feeling Discontent with How Life is Playing Out for You

Use this template to make decisions quickly and easily without getting bogged down with analysis paralysis.

Make Big Decisions with Confidence & Ease