Becoming More Self-Aware & Mastering Emotional Regulation

The most powerful way to help your team enhance their self-awareness and better manage their emotions as work!

Heightened Self-Awareness and Enhanced Emotional Regulation are absolutely critical for one simple reason... can't effectively manage yourself or your relationships without them!

What does it really take to enhance your team's self-awareness?

It begins with creating an opportunity for them to deeply explore their 'whole selves' so that they can gain a stronger awareness & understanding of how the unique components drive their thoughts, behaviors, and decision making.

Or put an other tech speak...they need to fully understand and command control of their internal programming to ensure the optimum performance of their operating system.

With this Two-day Emotional Intelligence Intensive, improve your team's self-awareness and emotional regulation while also helping them...

Fully Understand & Better Communicate their VALUE


Enjoying a More Meaningful & Satisfying Career

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for my team?

Yes! With a laser-focus on the following four modules, engaging facilitation will be used to create an interactive and personalized learning experience for each attendee. In two days, your team will walk away...
  • HAVING THE TOOLS THEY NEED TO COMMAND CONTROL OF THEIR DAILY THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS more effectively manage themselves at work and navigate their careers with intentionality!

2 Days | 4 Modules

module 1

Identifying Your Core Values

At the very core of your character are personal values that create the foundation upon which you think, feel, and behave every day. They define who you are and what you stand for and are the roots that form a solid foundation upon which you stay grounded. When you are clear about your personal values, you feel empowered and prepared to take action.
In this portion of our workshop, you will…
  • identify your top five core values
  • deepen your awareness and understanding of them
  • learn how to make values-based decisions with consistency and integrity so that you feel comfortable in your own skin and experience a professional life that is both meaningful and satisfying
module 2

Leveraging Your Natural Talents & Core Strengths

How you see the world and behave in response to it is strongly influenced by your physiological hardwiring combined with your life-forming experiences. Since your strengths are an important part of your natural hardwiring, it is crucial you are aware of how they influence your emotional and behavioral responses to various situations.
In this portion of our workshop, you will...
  • uncover and define the unique talents that make you stand out from the crowd
  • create a plan for leveraging your natural talents and strengths to achieve a consistent level of performance that is both exceptional and fulfilling
  • identify missing strengths that are creating obstacles to your success and craft a plan for overcoming those challenges
module 3

Expertly Managing Your Preferred Communication & Interaction Style

You have a preferred way of communicating and interacting with the world. It is driven by your priorities and fears. Knowing what those are and understanding how they influence your interactions with others better positions you to make informed decisions as to how you navigate your professional environment with intentionality and confidence.
In this portion of our workshop, you will…
  • explore the priorities, motivators, fears, and stressors that drive your preferred communication and interaction style
  • identify the strengths and potential liabilities of your style
  • craft a plan for leveraging those strengths and mitigating the potential liabilities
module 4

Enhancing Your Emotional Clarity & Self-Regulation

Emotional clarity is a specific kind of awareness that considers cause and effect.  It's an enhanced ability to identify and understand the kinds of events that yield different emotions and outcomes.  Being able to do so allows you to anticipate your emotional responses and proactively manage them; thereby giving you more control over your decisions and actions.
In this portion of our workshop, you will learn a new framework for identifying emotional triggers and regulating emotional responses so that you remain calm and in control when fears and unpleasant emotions begin to surface and undermine your confidence.

Client Stories


Through Starla West International both my executive staff and front line managers have grown in confidence both personally and professionally. What I enjoy most about Starla’s process is that she give us tools to use even beyond our time with her. She truly believes in our growth.


Benefiting from an executive coaching experience with Starla has been a career highlight for which I take great pride. Developing a heightened level of emotional intelligence and situational awareness built upon a better understanding of my values and natural tendencies has translated into immense personal and professional growth. Starla has truly helped me become a more effective communicator, leader and the very best version of myself.


As a leadership team, we began our journey with little insight into each other’s values and strengths and how these important components were influencing our leadership approach and alignment. Starla challenged our assumptions and guided us to a much more intentional way of thinking and behaving. Her leadership coaching was game changing for our team.

Each attendee will receive...

Personalized Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessment™

Before your team can effectively influence and guide the activities of others, they must know how to effectively manage themselves.  This assessment will  help them cultivate a strong foundation of self-knowledge and awareness and strategically use it to effectively self-regulate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 
“Everything DiSC” is a registered trademark of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. or its affiliated companies.

Starla West International, LLC is an independent Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner.

Before your team can effectively influence and guide the activities of others, they must know how to effectively manage themselves.  This assessment will  help them cultivate a strong foundation of self-knowledge and awareness and strategically use it to effectively self-regulate their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. 

Heightened self-awareness and enhanced emotional regulation rarely happen by chance.

They are most often the result of intentional and focused growth.

Are you ready to provide this type of growth for your team?
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