A question I'm often asked:
"What led you to Executive Coaching?"
My response:

"If you really want to know, grab a cocktail, sit back, and relax because I have some stories to tell."

My Beliefs

In all the stories below, there's a through-line that reinforces two of my strongly-held beliefs:

Reveal Belief #1

Reveal Belief #2

The through-line is this...

I am blessed with an inherent ability to be keenly aware of the thoughts, emotions, feelings & behaviors of others as well as a natural obsession for seeking to understand the source of those thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors.

--- and ---

In the 40-some years I've been on this earth, I've also been blessed with wonderful life lessons that have powerfully nurtured this inherent ability and obsession. Those life lessons are below.

My Core Values

In all the life lessons shared below, you'll see it was both NATURE & NURTURE that led me on my path to Executive Coaching.

These lessons also played a significant role in the development my Core Values - the values upon which I live & experience life each and every day. These values serve as the foundation for my business, as well.

Coaching others and helping them self-actualize is what I was built for. Nature encoded it in my DNA. It's what I was meant to do and I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm in my element and loving every single aspect of it! It is both meaningful & satisfying for me and I believe THAT is what we all should all pursuing - meaningfulness & satisfaction in both our personal and professional lives.

Want to hear what my clients have to say?

Life Lessons

Coaching others and helping them self-actualize is what I was built for.
Nature encoded it in my DNA. Nurture brought it to the surface.
I learned at age 4 that our ability to influence others goes way beyond our words.
It was my father who first noticed my superpower.
Failing is a part of life. Get used to it and learn how to "make the bounce."
To manage bullies who aren't equipped to deal with your success, you must become mentally tough.
Business is built on relationships.
Communicating effectively is about understanding and appreciating the needs & expectations of others.
Ater I was told, "You don't look like them. They look like businesswomen. You look like a college student," this happened . . 
A disheartening experience in pharmaceutical sales further strengthened my passion for helping others better cultivate mutually beneficial relationships.
The Tipping Point!
How it all came to be and what it is today.

My Mission

To move you forward so you get to enjoy a life that is meaningful and satisfying - both personally & professionally!

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