Viewing & Navigating This Lesson
  • The navigation OUTSIDE THE LESSON BOX is for course navigation.
  • The navigation INSIDE THE LESSON BOX is for lesson navigation.
  • To increase the size of the lesson box, collapse the course navigation on the left-hand side of the screen by clicking the white arrow to the right of the course name.
  • If you are on a tablet or mobile device, rotate your device horizontally for the best viewing experience.
  • Take online notes by clicking the orange Take Notes button.
  • You can change the size by clicking on and dragging the edges of the notepad. 
  • You can move the notepad anywhere on the screen by clicking and dragging the top of it.
  • Remember to save your notes prior to closing the notepad.
  • The system will track your activity as you work through the course. You can pause at any time and return later to pick back up where you left off by clicking the RESUME button on the course page.
  • Because each lesson builds on the previous one, it is important they be completed in the order they are presented. So as a reminder, the system will not allow you to begin a lesson without fully completing the ones before it.