"Help Me Think" Episode 12
October 24, 2023

Breaking Silos: Uncovering Hidden Barriers to Team Collaboration

Episode Description

In my time with C-Suite executives, I often encounter a common yet complex challenge in executive leadership: teams working in silos with little-to-no collaboration. A recent conversation with a CEO facing this exact dilemma inspired this episode. In it, I offer a structured and practical approach to understanding this challenge's root cause before jumping right to solutions.

Key Takeaways
  • Observation Is Key: Paying close attention to the team's interaction and communication, including what is not being said, is crucial. I provide guidance on what to watch and listen for to understand a leadership team's underlying issues.
  • Asking The Right Questions: I highlight the need for leaders to ask probing questions. Each question is a tool to dive deeper into understanding team dynamics and the challenges a leadership team faces.
  • Identifying The Root Causes: The final step involves using the insights gathered from observation and questioning to pinpoint the root causes of a leadership team's siloed way of thinking, behaving, and leading. These can vary from interpersonal conflicts and individual challenges to broader organizational cultural issues.

Join me as I guide listeners through a practical, hands-on approach to uncover a leadership team's communication and collaboration issues. It's about moving beyond quick fixes to a more comprehensive understanding of the problems, paving the way for effective, long-lasting solutions.

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