"Help Me Think" Episode 6
July 31, 2023

Building a Hybrid Work Oasis and Deciding When to Bring Employees into the Office

Episode Description

In this episode of "Help Me Think," Mary Beth Oakes, CEO and co-owner of Business Furniture + CO, discusses the significance of a hybrid work environment for employees. She shares insights into Business Furniture's successful transition to hybrid work and how they redesigned their office spaces to support it. Mary Beth also reflects on her career journey, the importance of staying open to opportunities, and her co-founding of Choreo in 2008, a spinoff of Business Furniture. 

The episode highlights the key takeaways of creating a hybrid work environment, focusing on strengths-based leadership, understanding work modes, and implementing technology to enhance collaboration for remote participants.

Key Takeaways
  • Importance of a Hybrid Work Environment: Hybrid work balances flexibility and collaboration, creating dynamic workplaces that maximize employee potential.
  • Strengths-Based Leadership: Understanding and leveraging individual strengths can lead to personal growth and improved performance in the workplace.
  • Work Modes: Designing office spaces around different work modes (focus, collaboration, rejuvenation, learning, and socialization) enhances employee productivity, connection, and well-being.
  • Democratizing Private Space: Providing diverse private and collaboration spaces can optimize office real estate and accommodate individual preferences.
  • Onboarding and Training: In-person interactions during onboarding and training help foster relationships, mentorship, and development opportunities.
  • Equitable Work Environment: Ensuring all employees have equal opportunities and access to resources is crucial for success in a hybrid work model.
  • Hybrid Work's Future: Hybrid work is likely to continue, with companies opting for a mix of remote and in-office work to meet employee preferences and achieve company objectives.

Overall, the episode emphasizes the importance of embracing hybrid work and tailoring office spaces and practices to support employee well-being, productivity, and growth.

Please tune in now to reflect on when your organization should be asking employees to come into the office and how to build a work oasis that creates a gravitational pull that makes them want to!

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