Connectedness: An Essential Component of Building & Sustaining Strong Team Relationships

Last week, I reached out to a client to find out how she and her team were navigating this pandemic.

As part of her response, she shared…

"My team is all virtual still. I've been calling each of them every day to touch base, see how they are doing, and ask if they need anything. One of my team members mentioned she gets more time with me now than ever before!"

My response…

"Megan, this pandemic offered up several great learning experiences and what you just shared is one of them. 

Proximity does not create connectedness. No matter if our team is physically in one location or completely virtual, we as leaders must be intentional with our efforts to create and nurture the connectedness that is essential to building and sustaining strong relationships with our teams."

What actions are you taking to ensure your team feels connected during this pandemic? Feel free to share them below. What have you tried and what seems to be working?


Please share them below.


Please share them below.

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