What To Do When Your Vulnerabilities Are Exposed

For individuals and organizations alike, this global pandemic has powerfully exposed our vulnerabilities.
  • For some of us, they are vulnerabilities we didn't even know we had.
  • For others, they were well aware of these vulnerabilities but up until now, they've successfully ignored them.
Either way, they've been exposed, and in my humble opinion, it is a gift!

Everyone has vulnerabilities, and they certainly aren't anything to be ashamed of. They are one of the many things that make us human. That said, we shouldn't ignore or be in denial of them, either.

The gift we've all been given is the opportunity to dig in and explore our vulnerabilities so that we may deepen our self-awareness, experience exponential growth, and rise up even stronger than what we were before this global pandemic tried to take us down!

A simple, yet powerful approach to doing this is journaling.

Now more than ever, you need to be journaling this experience!

Not only does it induce mindfulness and help you remain present while keeping perspective. . .

. . .it also presents an opportunity for emotional catharsis where you can thoughtfully…
  • identify the emotions ​​​​​you're experiencing
  • seek to understand their true source
  • explore your most natural response
  • challenge this response if it is not serving you well
  • create a plan for interrupting & redirecting this response the next time the source of these emotions is present
If you'd like to access the worksheets I created to help my clients explore their vulnerabilities as well as process and journal their growth and learning during these uncertain times – click the button below.

When and how you choose to journal is entirely up to you. All that matters is that you do it in a way that works for you and gets the results you seek.

With that, let's get after it!
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April 9, 2020
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