Finding the Right Coach

Have you heard about INDY MAVEN – a media outlet with an audience of highly engaged, badass women that is quickly becoming the go-to lifestyle hub to explore, eat, drink, and live well in Indianapolis? 
Co-founders Leslie Bailey, Crystal Grave, and Angela Kingsbury created INDY MAVEN to connect women in central Indiana and deliver captivating & rich content as well as crazy fun events.
Last week, Executive Editor, Abby Gardner, reached out with the following question:
Gentlemen...although this may sound like an article only for women, keep reading. The content is gender neutral and you'll likely find value in it, as well.
"How do you find the right coach in an ever-growing field of coaches with varying level of expertise?"
Interested in the guidance I shared?
Thank you INDY MAVEN for considering me to be a valued resource. I'm honored and thrilled that you reached out.

February 23, 2020
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