Making Big Decisions Quickly…and avoiding analysis paralysis

Here lately, several of my clients have been faced with career-path altering/life-changing decisions so I created a mind map to help them make these pivotal decisions quickly and easily so that they can move on and take action without getting bogged down with analysis paralysis.
I thought perhaps you might appreciate having access to this Decision Making Mind Map, as well.
Mind Mapping is an activity that closely replicates how our brain works in both analytical and artistic ways. It is a visual 'thinking' tool that engages all our cognitive functions. In doing so, it eliminates dull, linear thinking and helps us better synthesize, comprehend, analyze, and recall information as well as generate new ideas and make decisions. 
So when faced with a big decision, you can use this mind map to quickly . . . 
  1. 1
    facilitate a brain dump of all the thoughts swirling around in your head...
  2. 2
    to more easily capture a 'visual' of all these thoughts so that you can...
  3. 3
    reflect on them and gain the clarity you need to...
  4. 4
    confidently make a well-informed decision and take action! 

Here's how the Decision Making Mind Map Template that I created for my clients works:
Begin with the Central Subject & Foundational Branches of Your Mind Map
Engage in a One-Minute Brain Dump of Your Initial Reaction to Each Option
Explore Why This Option is Attractive or Appealing to You
Consider the Sacrifices that will be Necessary When Choosing Each Option
"Play Out" the Potential Outcomes
If all goes well...
And if it doesn't...
Once You've Captured a Visual Image of Your Decision-To-Be-Made,
You Are Ready to Make a Fully-Informed Decision.
So don't wait. Make it and take action!
Mind Mapping can be done quickly - in the moment - by hand with pen and paper. Or, you can use one of the many free online mind mapping programs that are available today. If you'd like to access the template I created, click the link below. 
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August 11, 2019
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