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"A deep level of awareness creates the foundation for authentic and unwavering confidence upon which you can build and own your value. Know thyself. Know thy value. Own it!"

Starla West
Who is Starla West?
Starla West is a second-generation woman entrepreneur who brings insight, experience and empathy to the company she founded, Starla West International – a Business Leadership and Executive Coaching Firm. 

Armed with the insight gained from two decades in the corporate world, Starla launched her business in 2009 to help business professionals reach their highest level of interpersonal and leadership effectiveness by building their executive presence and breaking through to the authoritative place they need to be.

As an executive coach, keynote speaker and expert trainer, Starla’s expertise transcends a variety of industries such as health care, manufacturing, legal, and the not-for-profit sector to empower decision-makers with the right tools and resources to achieve their highest level of executive performance.

Her passion for helping clients continually improve shines through techniques that combine both hard and soft skills so leaders can better manage relationships, lead others more effectively, and communicate their value.  Her clients learn to make better decisions, achieve superior results, and become more visible and promotable.

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Emotional Intelligence Skills to Improve Your Life

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Powerful presentations that not only inspire attendees but also elicit positive and sustainable  behavioral change!

  • Establishing Your Executive Presence
  • Mastering Your Head Game
  • Better Regulating Emotions at Work
  • Enhancing Your Visibility
  • Custom Presentations and More!


Mediocre moderators can make even the best of expert panelists look average.

However, skilled facilitators can make average panelists look fantastic!

So what skill set should your moderator bring to the table?

Starla intuitively knows when to listen, when to encourage and when to push.

"Starla embraces what it truly means to be a coach.  She recognizes her clients' full potential and intuitively knows when to listen, when to encourage and when to push. Starla has been an invaluable teacher and supporter to me and my teams as we have worked through difficult but necessary changes in business practices and communication dynamics. With Starla as the navigator, we've emerged better able to take advantage of business opportunities and achieve success."

ERIN  //  Executive Vice-President & General Counsel

Starla has truly helped me become a more effective communicator, leader and the very best version of myself.

"Benefiting from an executive coaching experience with Starla has been a career highlight for which I take great pride. Developing a heightened level of emotional intelligence and situational awareness built upon a better understanding of my values and natural tendencies has translated into immense personal and professional growth. Starla has truly helped me become a more effective communicator, leader and the very best version of myself."

BRAD  //  Sales Manager

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Boost Your Emotional Intelligence & Maturity
Here are a few posts you can peruse right now that provide practical strategies for commanding control of your life and career in ways that put you in the driver's seat and calling the shots!

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It was Starla’s expertise and direct approach as our trusted advisor that made the most impact.

"Starla is a great thought-partner for getting to the root cause of business challenges and then identifying which training, coaching, and/or consulting resources are needed to result in positive, transformational change. Various tools were used – training, coaching, assessments, etc. - but it was Starla’s expertise and direct approach as our trusted advisor that made the most impact."

Mary Beth  //  Chief Executive Officer

Starla made sure she fully understood the fundamentals of our business.

"Our work with Starla focused on the improvement of our business relationships with some of our most important clients. She made sure she fully understood the fundamentals of our business as well as our client's core values and primary objectives. Starla is a pleasure to work with. She is always professional and highly engaged, and exudes a positivity that translates to group settings both large and small."

MATT  //  Director of Client Relations

Expertly designed Coaching, Consulting & Training to Help Professionals like you...
  • Strengthen Your Confidence & Bolster Your Courage
  • Enhance Your Self-Awareness & Improve Your Self-Management
  • Become More Influential & Persuasive
  • Better Manage Relationships & Lead More Effectively
  • Improve Your Visibility, Communicate Your Value & Become More Promotable
  • Navigate Life's Opportunities, Challenges & Important Decisions with Ease
  • Enjoy a More Satisfying & Rewarding Career

If this is what you want and this is what you need, let's connect now!

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